Robert Barclay's new novel is a sweeping saga of three
unforgettable women. The first is a proud matriarch who
believes honouring family is worth any sacrifice. The second
is born into a revolution and travels the world scarred by her
childhood demons. The third soars to breathtaking heights on
the world stage, a mother’s selfless love beneath her wings.

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A KATY & CLARA YEHONALA MYSTERY a different world four thousand kilometres away,
two white SUV’s slide quietly through the deserted backstreets
of a nondescript township called Krong Chey, a stone’s throw
from the border...

Robert Barclay's gripping new novel is previewed here

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The Sunlight Foundation

The trafficking of children to paedophiles, some as young as four or five years old, is the vilest crime in our society. As Director of my own charity, The Sunlight Foundation, I work with other charities who are doing heroic work in Cambodia rescuing and restoring the lives of young children sold into this evil trade. These children are our children and we all have a responsibility to act.

The Tragedy of Cambodia

I have visited many places in Cambodia and seen first-hand the grinding poverty that feeds the trafficking of children for sex. The hardest question to answer is always: why? Why do mothers sell their daughter's virginity and why is Cambodia the centre of this monstrous crime? Read my story here to understand part of the answer.

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