The Butterfly Dynasty series by Robert Barclay

Novelist Robert Barclay

trafficked girl in Cambodia


“It is not my place to determine “riches in life,” but I believe that every child deserves a childhood, where they play, learn and are kept safe from harm. I want to lead a movement that gives these children their lives back. It is the very least they deserve, as fellow humans on the same planet as you and I.”

R.A Barclay, January, 2022

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Who we are

The Sunlight Foundation is a charity built around the promise that every child deserves a childhood. We want you to share our vision of a world in which every child plays, learns and is kept safe from harm. Sadly, this is not true yet. The loathsome crime of sex-trafficking where young girls, often no more than five or six years old, are bought and sold as trophies to sex-tourists, local officials and businessmen where they suffer sexual terrors and brutality that steal their childhood, sometimes even their lives. They experience nightmares that leave them emotionally, physically and psychologically scarred for life. Sometimes, as broken young women they finish up here, in Australia, in the underground, illegal sex industry. Give these children their lives back. Support The Sunlight Foundation. Take action today.

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young trafficked girl in a prison

Our stories

The Sunlight Foundation

The trafficking of children to paedophiles, some as young as four or five years old, is the vilest crime in our society. As Director of my own charity, The Sunlight Foundation, I work with other charities who are doing heroic work in Cambodia rescuing and restoring the lives of young children sold into this evil trade. These children are our children and we all have a responsibility to act.

Help end a vile industry

Not far from your own doorstep, a completely different reality exists. Whilst you are ordering your soy latte, or making school lunches, a little girl perhaps no older than 5 years old is being brutally trafficked for sex. You may be talking about your next family holiday but somewhere else, a child is dying from neglect, starvation, HIV, abuse, drug overdoses, disease or torture. Thirty children will die today, and every day in this evil trade.