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Beauty and Lace Book Club: Real Reviews “The Girl in the Orphanage”

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Embarking on a read-along journey can be a thrilling adventure, immersing oneself in the intricacies of a story alongside fellow book enthusiasts. Recently, the Beauty and Lace Book Club hosted a discussion on “The Girl in the Orphanage” by Robert Barclay, offering readers a chance to delve into a tale of mystery, grief, and resilience. Discover genuine reviews from readers. 

Donna reflects, "Thank you, Beauty and Lace Book Club, for allowing me to read & review 'The Girl in the Orphanage by Robert Barclay'. When Katy's husband and Clara's father (Simon) die through violence in Cambodia, a mystery begins to be unravelled. Why are the Cambodian, Australian and Chinese governments becoming involved in the family's grieving process? Is there something more that is going on? Katy and Clara work together to unravel Simon's journey with his charity work, facing danger, corruption and lies whilst finding truth in unexpected places. I enjoyed the book, although I would have preferred to read more about Chavy, her sister, and the other children from the Orphanage and less about Clara's love life. Thank you 'Beauty & Lace Bookclub' for the opportunity to read 'The Girl in the Orphanage by Robert Barclay'."
Donna Fitzgerald's Review
Simone shares, "I've started reading this book, but must confess that I haven't finished it yet as, for some reason, it's been giving me nightmares. I really want to finish it, though, because I enjoy the way it is written, and I am keen to know how it all turns out – I just know that for me, I'll have to take it slowly. The book came beautifully wrapped with a lovely handwritten note, which is always appreciated. Thank you, Beauty and Lace, for letting me review this book. I will try to come back on and make another comment when I've finished it! >:o)"
Simone's Reflection
LynB describes, "The Girl in the Orphanage by Robert Barclay (Shawline Publishing Group) is a powerful and confronting book… When charity founder Simon is murdered in a remote village, his wife Katy Yehonala and daughter Clara travel to Cambodia to uncover how this nightmare came to pass... This is a disturbing yet compelling read that is highly recommended."
LynB's Impression
Kylie reflects, "The Girl in the Orphanage felt so real, I forgot it was a piece of fiction. Thank you for the opportunity to read this book. For a fiction book, it certainly made me feel for these exploited children who grow up in such poverty and thankful for those people who are working on the frontline. I also wish I could be as brave as Simon, Katy, and Clara."
Kylie K's Perspective
Christine shares, "The Girl In The Orphanage by Robert Barclay is a powerful story of two exceptionally strong-willed women and their search for justice amidst a disturbing background of child pornography and sex trafficking... I highly recommend it. Five out of five stars from me."
Christine L's Viewpoint
Pauline expresses, "The Girl in the Orphanage by Robert Barclay... A very compelling and insightful novel which I enjoyed reading right until the end... Thank-you Beauty and Lace Book Club."
Pauline Stacey's Reflection
Kerry remarks, "The Girl in the Orphanage by Robert Barclay was an interesting and compelling read. It was hard to read at times, but I'm certainly glad I did. Thank you, Shawline Publishing and Beauty and Lace, for the opportunity to read and review The Girl in the Orphanage."
Kerry Beaumont's Review

In conclusion, “The Girl in the Orphanage” by Robert Barclay is a tale that captivates and intrigues, weaving together themes of loss, resilience, and the quest for truth. Each review offers a unique perspective on the book’s merits, from its compelling characters to its atmospheric settings and suspenseful plot twists. As readers continue to explore the pages of this captivating narrative, they embark on a journey of discovery, where mysteries are unravelled and truths are revealed in unexpected places.

Big thank you to Beauty and Lace for hosting the event. 

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