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Murder mystery novel – enter the Competition today to be part of a global crime story


My third novel, The Body Shop, is a murder mystery novel featuring Katy and Clara Yehonala in their most dangerous adventure. In the book, the beautiful Clara Yehonala becomes the face of a global fashion and cosmetics brand and I’m looking for fabulous ideas from readers for the name of the fashion house. [House of Dior, Fendi, Versace, for examples.]

Please email me ideas HERE

The top three suggestions will receive free, signed copies of the Body Shop.

My first book, a multicultural romance novel The Diary of Katy Yehonala is out now, the second, a murder mystery novel The Orphanage of Secrets is due mid-2022.

If you follow the links, you can read previews of the two books. Also, by joining my Book Club you can receive pre-publication chapters and “beta” read the stories.

Here’s the really brilliant news!

The winner will be named in the book as CEO of the global brand he or she names. So, have some fun, help me, and become a fashion icon!

Here’s a little help…

* The fashion house is based in Paris.

* They want to expand into China, hence their interest in Clara.

* The company is launching an upmarket perfume brand – possibly named “Clara”.

* They are launching a fashion range for millennials and Gen Z women, possibly called “Boulevarde Girl”.

* Clara will be the brand ambassador for both.

There’s much more and I’ll work closely with the winner in shaping the “new company” image.

Good luck with the name, I’m looking forward to receiving some gems of wisdom about haute couture.

Robert Barclay is an Australian author of some of the best Australian murder mystery fiction books. His Australian multicultural novels and murder mystery books follow the lives of Katy Yehonala and her daughter, Clara, his strong female protagonists, as they confront the evils of society.