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Australian authors at Clunes Book Fair

Australian Authors and Literary Delights at Clunes Book Fair 2024

Last weekend, book lovers and Australian authors from far and wide gathered at the enchanting Clunes Book Town to indulge in a literary feast like no other. Amongst the bustling stalls and the aromatic scent of well-loved pages, acclaimed author Robert Barclay had the pleasure of attending this vibrant celebration of literature. As he traversed the cobblestone streets adorned with banners bearing the names of beloved authors, Barclay discovered a treasure trove of literary gems, including two standout fantasy authors whose works captivated his imagination. Meet Robert Barclay here

Sharon Postlewhite,

Sharon Postlewhite, a devoted lover of fantasy literature and history among our Australian authors, stood out with her compelling storytelling that weaves together ancient cultures and mythology. Barclay was particularly drawn to  Postlewhite’s novels, The Dumnonian Compass and The Chalice Well, which he found to be a wonderful addition to the realm of fantasy literature. With praise for her intricate plots and enjoyable twists, Barclay couldn’t help but be swept away by Postlewhite’s enchanting tales.

Another highlight of Barclay’s visit was meeting Melva Ouliaris, whose imagination knows no bounds when it comes to crafting captivating stories. Inspired by everyday encounters and extraordinary moments, Ouliaris’s novels, such as Hart, stand out among Australian authors and offer readers an elusive journey filled with spirit and triumph. Barclay found himself engrossed in Ouliaris’s work, noting that her storytelling prowess transformed everyday experiences into extraordinary adventures that lingered in the mind long after the final page was turned. 

Melva Ouliaris

As Barclay immersed himself in the vibrant atmosphere of Clunes Book Town, he marvelled at the diversity and creativity in the literary world of Australian authors. From the fantastical realms crafted by Postlewhite and Ouliaris to the myriad other genres and voices represented at the fair, Clunes Book Town proved to be a haven for bibliophiles of all stripes.

Reflecting on his experience, Barclay was reminded once again of the profound impact of literature in connecting people and shaping imaginations. With a newfound appreciation for the power of storytelling, he left Clunes Book Town with a renewed sense of inspiration and a stack of books eagerly awaiting his perusal.

As we celebrate the magic of Clunes Book Town and the Australian authors who bring its streets to life, let us continue to cherish the joy of reading and the endless possibilities that lie within the pages of a book.

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