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Readalot Magazine featuring Robert Barclay and Cassie's Song.

READALOT Magazine Features Robert Barclay

Robert Barclay is thrilled to announce his feature in READALOT Magazine’s monthly newsletter, where he discusses his upcoming novel in The Butterfly Dynasty Series. 

Acknowledged for showcasing inspiring authors and offering recommendations for enthusiastic readers, READALOT Magazine’s newsletter provides Barclay with a prestigious platform among esteemed writers.

In the most recent edition of READALOT’s newsletter, Barclay explores the real-life events that inspired The Butterfly Dynasty Series, tracing his journey from aspiring writer to present-day storyteller. Read more here

Throughout the piece, Barclay examines the recurring themes that define the series, giving readers a glimpse into the thrilling journey awaiting its characters. Barclay extends his sincere appreciation to READALOT Magazine for the chance to share his insights with their readership. 

He also expresses gratitude to his devoted readers whose unwavering support has made this achievement possible. For those keen to delve deeper into Barclay’s reflections, the complete article can be found in the latest issue of READALOT Magazine or accessed here. 

With the launch of his new book, Cassie’s Song, the third novel in The Butterfly Dynasty Series, Barclay invites readers to secure their orders and embark on the next chapter of this captivating series. Read an excerpt of Cassie’s Song here

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Cassie’s Song tells the story of three women’s journeys. 

One confronts moving on with her life after her husband’s murder.

One is at the peak of her fame on the world concert stage.

One is a passionate fighter for the environment against murderous corporations destroying the world’s rainforests.

Cassie’s Song rambles along briar paths in Hampshire villages with Katy, rekindling her love of the English countryside unchanged since Jane Austen’s time, sashays with Clara across the glamorous fashion capitals of the world and treads the horrific, secret world of greed in the prehistoric rainforests of Kalimantan with Cassie.

Two families face the devastating price the world pays for beauty and lays bare the grim world of human rights abuses and rainforest bastardry.

The climax will leave two mothers uplifted by their magnificent daughters and facing loss that must be endured like the rivers tell time, not the clocks.

There are monsters as well as angels in this life.

"As a series, it is wonderfully compelling yet as each book is so beautiful and amazing on its own, the enjoyment of these books is just so absorbing... Brilliant read..."
Donna, Readalot reviewer

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